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2023 MPAK Fundrasing Gala Held

Gala Theme - "Awaken the Little Ones...No Orphans Should be Left Behind in Education" 

The 9th Annual 2023 MPAK Fundraising Gala was an epic as it set the new record in fundraising with around $450,000 raised. With around 240 guests in attendance at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel venue, the gala was perhaps the most successful one to date, everything from the program flow to the speakers, the performer, and the video presentation, and live appeal donation, went without a hitch.

The purpose of the fundraising was to raise funds to provide a one-on-one tutor/mentor services to many orphans that are disadvantaged in education as they are without families. A significant number of orphans fall behind in education and age-out without college, thus making their future very challenging.

We are so grateful for the volunteers that have worked so hard to get ready and execute the event so smoothly.  We are grateful to our great emcee in Jinah Kim, the keynote speaker in Sarah Koh, and the Bipa performance by Young Bum Jeong, and the great video production by Nadim Zoghbi.

We are most grateful to all the participants of the gala as they gave generously from their hearts.  Thanks to all those that have attended the gala, and thanks to many that couldn't attend but supported through donations.


Our Wonderful Volunteers at the Gala


With 240 people, the gala was beautifully attended and supported by all.


Attendees socialize before the ballroom opens.


Sarah Koh of the Life Together gave a keynote speech emphasizing the lack of opportunity for orphans to learn without families. 


Young Bum Jeong performed the Bipa so wonderfully that touched everyone's heart.


The first thing to do after registration was to take photos with the loved ones in front of the Step-N-Repeat banner.

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