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2023 MPAK Retreat was held at the Great Wolf Lodge Anaheim

On September 15-16, 2023, MPAK held an annual retreat at the Great Wolf Lodge in Anaheim, California.  We typically have retreats in the mountains, but this year we tried different venue.  


The event was well attended, and more families would have joined had there been more funds available.  The change in the retreat settinng was well recieved and all the families enjoyed being together to network and have fun with the kids.​

We are grateful that NCRC of Korea sponsored this event for the adoptees and families.


Many families participated and enjoyed the retreat. They got to know different families and through networking became closer to one another.


Dr. Dennis Dixon conducted a seminar on how to understand the behaviors of children that helped many families tremendously.


A great fun retreat was held for the MPAK adoptive families to bond and strenghen the families.  


Kids enjoyed eating, and later swimming at the immense Great Wolf Lodge swimming pool.

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