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Korean Adoptees' Night was Held

On Friday, June 9, 2023, MPAK held an event to help the adoptees without citizenship to provide resources to apply for it. We thank the Hon. Kim, Youngwan, the Consul General of Korea in LA for inviting us to his residence for a memorable event.


We have previously campaigned for the law changes, but the passage of the laws not been succeessful so far. And we don't know whether it will ever change in the future. Rather than wait for the law to change, we're taking proactive action to help those adoptees to go ahead and apply for citizenship.


​The event was masterfully emcee'd by Jinah Kim, with a great performnace by Catherine Song and Hiza Yoo Dance Institute.

We were pleased to have Ms. Joy Alessi to come and share her experience of how she was surprised that she was not a citizen even though she was adopted and entered the US legally.

We were also pleased to have Ms. Emily Howe, Esq., an adoptee herself, will share her experience of helping a few adult adoptees to obtain citizenship.

We were also grateful for the participation by several adoptees from AKA-LA, AKA-SF, and AKA-SD.


A beautiful adoption story was shared by Rev. Kyle Sears of his adoption of his son Yoseb from Korea, and the story touched the hearts of many.

We thank the sponsorship from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea and all the staff members, and the Overseas Korea Foundation (OKF) for continuing with their support on behalf of the adoptees without citizenship.

If you know any adoptees without citizenship, please contact us so that we can provide some resources for them.


Hon. Kim, Youngwan, the Consul General of Korea in LA, addresses the audience with a welcome remarks.


The Sears Family looks on.


Hiza Yoo Dance Institute members performed.


A splendid array of foods was served.


Steve Morrison gave greeting remarks


Joy Alessi speaks on her quest for citizenship after finding out that she didn't have one.


Emily Howe, Esq. spoke on her legal services for adoptees.


Catherine Song performed "Fly Me to the Moon" and "The Prayer" that wowed the crowd.

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