MPAK Retreat - A Huge Success

MPAK had it's 2nd Annual Retreat at the Forest Homes, CA, July 7-9, 2017.  150 people participated in the retreat with a full range of activities for the parents and the children.

The parents were treated with an excellent adoption seminar provided by Shin Aera (신애라), a well known celebrity who adopted two daughters while in Korea. She emphasized the importance of letting children know as early as possible the importance of their adoptions, which many Korean adoptive families   Another lecture by Mrs. Grace Lee challenged all of us to raise children with God's principles.  A special session with four adult adoptees provided a new perspective for the parents.  The children participated in many sporting events, games, and treated with various entertainment. The facility provides various activities such as campfire, archery, zipline, giant swing, hiking, water sports, etc, but unfortunately none of these could be utilized due to the bad weather condition. But this did not dampen the spirits of all those participating in the retreat.  So favorable was the feedback from many parents, we have reserved the same retreat center for next year July 6-8, 2018. Also we wish to acknowledge and thank the Capital Group for sponsoring our event with their generous grant, and Joshua and Anna Park for their donation for the retreat.

Our MPAK retreat group photo at the lake in the Forest Homes Retreat Center

People enjoying their foods.

The Adoptee Panel session helped many participating parents.

Actress Shin Aera (신애라) gave a memorable lecture to all the adoptive parents present. Grace Lee also shared a lecture encouraging all the families in raising their children.

Adoptees Matthew Koresmo, Ashley Chang, Amelia Langkusch, and Hayoung Jeon shared their adoption experiences during the Adoptee Panel session.

While adults had their own programs, the children were busy with crafts, games, and entertainments.

A sporting event was a hit for all the kids.

Children enjoying the water at the lake.

Children plays by the lake.

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