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The Kansha Story


Steve Morrison visits the Kansha Creamery in Gardena, California.  Elaine Marumoto-Perez and James Marumoto (with the cap) are brother-sister operation that supports MPAK for the North Korea Vision. 


The Kansha Creamery is a small ice cream shop owned and operated by a brother-sister team Elaine Marumot-Perez and James Marumoto in Gardena, California. 


Kansha in Japanese means ‘Gratitude’. What is so unique about this shop is that they have some incredibly good tasting home-made ice creams with flavors not found in many places. But much more than that they have a Mission behind the store.

Both Elaine and James are driven by their strong Christian faith of sharing their wealth with those that are in need. Both credit to being impacted by a book by Rev. Francis Chan’s ‘Crazy Love’ that challenges that Christians should never feel comfortable in their walk with God, it challenges them to get out of your comfort zone and dare to try and love God as much as He loves you by giving of yourself and your resources to Him.


When they started Kansha, they decided from day one to do just that, to live outside the comfort zone, to sacrifice what is theirs and do something radical and crazy – Crazy Love for God by loving orphans. They have established Kansha just for this purpose. Not to make a living for themselves, but to give.  God has tremendously blessed their business.  For every customer Kansha serves, they are donating 75 cents to charitable cause.  Kansha started to donate to various charities starting February 2015.  It takes a Crazy Love and faith.

Kansha has supported MPAK since May 2017 till Dec 2021, and they have graciously shared in MPAK’s North Korea Vision.  While there isn’t a thing anyone can do with North Korea now, but once the reunification happens in the future, MPAK will be ready to go in and help the North Korean children. MPAK has a vision to help the children in North Korea, and Kansha’s fund is set aside and reserved exclusively for this program.  Kansha’s fund is also helping the orphans and the vulnerable children of the North Korean escapees.

MPAK would like to express our deepest gratitude ‘Kansha’ to Elaine and James and pray that God will continue to bless their business and mission. We hope you will visit Kansha Creamery frequently as they have the best tasting ice cream, and also to bless their business and the mission.

Kansha Creamery Storefront

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