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Adoption... Isn't It Our Responsibility?

"Every Child Deserves a Home of His Own." - Harry Holt

Greetings from the founder of MPAK

Thank you for visiting the MPAK web site! My dear friend Mr. Harry Holt once said, "Every Child Deserves a Home of His Own." I believe the time has come for Koreans to reach out and help homeless children in Korea. Although each year over a thousand of homeless Korean children find homes overseas, there remains much greater number of children that are not adopted and must grow up in orphanages in Korea. With the continued threat to the closure of intercountry adoption program in Korea, time is short and there is an urgent need to promote adoption in Korea. 

Since its beginning in 1999, MPAK has made a tremendous impact to the advancement of the adoption culture in Korea and in the US among the Korean-American communities.  Culturally in Korea adoption is viewed negatively, thus most of the adoptions were done in secret.  This sent a wrong message that adoption is embarrassing, shamefule, and fearful.   This was the main reason why domestic adoption in Korea was not improving, and this same culture was predominant among the Korean-Americans.

To overcome this barrier, MPAK advocated from the beginning the concept of Transparent Adoption, where adoption is viewed as something that is beautiful and wonderful, thus one should not try to hide it.  The more we share our experiences, the more people's hearts and minds will be opened towards homeless children.  This concept worked like a magic.  At the beginning when I visited a large adoption agency in Korea I was told that adoptive parents that practice transparent adoption was less than one percent.  I went back to the same agency ten years later and was told that Korean couples choosing transparent adoption has reached over 50%.

This was possible due to MPAK's tireless efforts to promote transparent adoption, where many news media flocked to our office in Korea wanting to feature stories on adoptive families. Over the ten years span, there have been hundreds of media exposure that featured many MPAK families, and that was the key to getting the positive projection of adoption, thus breaking the cultural barrier.  At MPAK we are especially proud of the families that have adopted special needs children and their stories were featured by media abundantly.

MPAK was found under the Christian principle that "least of these children" spoken by Jesus will touch many hearts to hear the silent voices of homeless children cyring out to be cared and loved.  Fifty years ago my friend Harry Holt heard my voice.  Today my work with MPAK is in response to many voices of homeless children.   It is my sincere hope that you will also hear their voices. 

Stephen C. Morrison
Founder, MPAK


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A Smashing Success of our 10th Annual Picnic
On May 23, 2009, we had a smashing success on our 10th Annual MPAK Picnic, which was attended by approximately 70 people, with several couples that came to find out more on adoption.  Great food, great people, beautiful children, and a wonderful day for all.

MPAK-LA Area Families

MPAK in the US and in Korea
MPAK has presence in four regional areas in the US, promoting adoption of Korean children by Korean-Americans.  MPAK has a network Korean-American adoptive family support groups in LA, NY/NJ Area, Northern California, and the San Diego Area.

MPAK - NY/NJ Area - Led by Mr. Sang Hwan Lee (right-front)

MPAK-Northern California - Led by Mr. Scott Lee (Back, 2nd from right)

MPAK - San Diego -  Led by Mr. James Byun (sitting back, first from left)

MPAK-Korea -  Led by Mrs. Han Yun Hee, President
MPAK-Korea boasts over 1000 adoptive families, with 24 regional support groups throughout South Korea.  The office is in Kwachon City, 30 min south of Seoul, staffed with four full-time workers, and hundreds of volunteers.
Below is the group photo taken right after the 9th Annual MPAK Conference to Promote Domestic Adoption in Korea in November 8, 2009 in Chun-An City.  The conference was attended by approximately 1000 people from all over Korea.

If You Wish to Find Out More About Adopting Korean Children
Here's the most current listing of US adoption agencies with approval to place Korean children in American homes. I strongly recommend a very informative website that has a comprehensive information on adopting a child from Korea:

Adoption is Love Conference Held on August 3, 2008
Picture below is the "Adoption is Love" conference to promote adoption of children from Korea by Korean-American families.  The conference was held at the Youngnak Presbyterian Church, LA, CA , where approximately 400 people participated in the event.

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