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North Korea Vision


MPAK has a vision for the orphans in North Korea.

While there is nothing we can do at this time, we pray for a quick reunion that will allow us to go into North Korea, and set up temporary care center(s) to house the homeless children - to shelter them, feed and provide needed medical services, and educate them...all temporarily until they are place into families. 


Priorities will be given to finding birth families. If no birth family can be found, then look for domestic adoption in Korea. If neither options are available intercountry adoption will be considered. The MPAK children's facility will not keep the children permanently until the age 18 and then force them out like many orphanages do.  Finding homes will be our priority.


To get ready for the eventual reunification, MPAK is getting ready to go into North Korea as soon as able.  Because we believe this is going to happen in the not too distant future, MPAK is seeking to raise funds ahead of time in preparation for this journey.


When you click the 'Donate Today' button, it will allow you to specifically designate the 'North Korea Vision' and this fund will not be touched for any purpose other than when  MPAK is called to serve the children in North Korea.

For the near future support for the North Korean children, since we cannot go into the country yet, we will work to support the children that escape North Korea, or support the children born from the North Korean escapees. 

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